(Full Audiobook) Duma Key A Novel By Stephen King

Stephen King always finds fiction in the most ordinary things that we see and observe every day. Just when the reader or the listener of the story thinks that King is going to keep things simple this time the dramatic twist appears out of nowhere.

After that the fiction becomes so strong that the connection with reality totally vanishes and you never know how you entered that domain in the first place. In so many novels like The Institute and Finders Keepers: A Novel we really feel the sensation at once.

Another great thing about King’s writing is that he never makes you feel pity on his characters. Edgar Freemantle in the novel loses everything after an accident that makes him not only to lose his arm but his memory as well.

He loses his job afterwards and his wife and family as well. Nothing else to do in life he goes to Duma Key on the suggestion of the doctor who advises him to do what he used to like in the past. Having nothing else in mind Edgar starts drawing things and as he starts doing so he feels a bit strange about his sketches. They appear to be talking to him, providing certain information related to the past life of the people who are represented in the sketches. 

The supernatural elements are really loaded in the novel after this and John Slattery goes on really well with all this new stuff adding into the story all the time. The voice used for the ghosts are grave and slow which means that the narrator tries to provide a gloomy touch to the tale.

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