(Full Audiobook Free) The Wise Man’s Fear – Kingkiller Chronicle Book 2 By Patrick Rothfuss

First part was a might experience but many things remained incomplete because Patrick Rothfuss wanted to keep the fans guessing and look for clues in the next parts. Fantasy is interesting no doubt but the first part The Name of the Wind was giving a dejected feeling there was a certainty that the hero is looking for an eternal rest. Women, power and high ranks all are enjoyed by Kvothe and now he looks for more that can soothe the heart.

 Being a legend the only option left for this gentleman proves to be a tough task for him. Series moves in day wise pattern the first was providing information about the first day of the man on the land and with the opening of this second part comes the second day. Again things are not happening at all rather they are being told by Kvothe himself and we don’t know whether what he tells is true or not.

 In order to prove the hero a man of his words the author has provided him the spice of emotions, he talks so intensely and sometimes from the inside looks so empty even when he talks about love. One thing is for sure that his experiences have not been very pleasant and he is not proud of his achievements until now.

A company of the gods provided him power and aggression but no sign of fulfillment emerged from that. Nick Podehl as a narrator goes on with this tough task in which he narrates the character of a man who is tough to understand, one thing is clear that he is trying to make penance. 


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