(Full Audiobook Free) Untamed By Glennon Doyle

The book is not on women alone if taken in a broader spectrum, Glennon Doyle has talked about women alone and there is nothing about men. But if the bigger picture is seen it actually is for human beings who constantly live under the burden of expectations. These expectations press them so intensely that they forget all about themselves and their true personality is ignored forever. Mostly such situations come in the life of women because they are almost all the time playing a supportive role in society. 

In the house they are wives, daughters and sisters and in offices they are co-workers always providing the much needed help. Some personal motives can be observed in the book because Doyle herself has faced all of this in her life and she wanted to break the shackles. Thus she takes out a pen instead of an axe to shop down this mounting injustice against the female members. 

More of a catharsis is what this book provides to the author too as she narrates it herself because in this way she was able to convey the true feelings that have been long buried in her heart. Among Love Warrior (Oprah’s Book Club: A Memoir), Guerrera del amor [Love Warrior] and other books of the author this alone tells the true inner self of the author. None has talked about women in so much detail before and the book highlights the problem which was not clear to the women even. The women are getting more and more dejected because they are not living according to their will rather they want to look good to others which never happens.




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