(Full Audiobook) The Dead Zone By Stephen King

The Dead Zone is another Stephen King’s novel. He is the author of more than 50 novels and almost all of them have been bestsellers worldwide. He is also a proud recipient of a number of awards. The Institute is a horror fiction novel by Stephen King, which is his go to genre in writing and his fans just loved it. The Outsider is another horror fiction sensation, which sounds absolutely marvelous in its audio version.

The Dead Zone is a bestselling novel from the bestselling author for a good long time during his literary writing career. The book is a mystery thriller with some outstanding and absorbing suspense. James Franco has done the narration of this novel, which was quite loved by the audience.

The story in this novel is about a bestselling novelist on a national level. The story is about Johnny smith who wakes up from coma after 5 years. 5 years ago, he met a terrible car accident and went into coma. After his recovery, he discovered that he is able to see the future of the people and as well as the past. It only happens when he touches any other person. Many people around him took this feat as god gifted, but Johnny actually felt cursed. His beloved fiancée during his prolonged illness and came married to another person and people demand for him to resolve all sorts of their problems.

Johnny had a terrible new experience after he shook hands with an ambitious politician. He must decide if he should be taking some serious actions for changing the future, which he just foresee.

The novel is faultlessly paced by Stephen King and every line of it is an absolute treat for the mind and ears.

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