Go Set a Watchman – Full Audiobook A Novel By Harper Lee

Go Set a Watchman is a literary fiction novel with quite an enticing story. It is written by Harper Lee in her signature style. The author is credited with a range of other quality novels that are must listen ones in their audio format. If one of the best novels from the author is to be named, then To Kill a Mockingbird would be the obvious choice, hands down. To Kill a Mockingbird is the best literary work by the author. It helped her to get the prestigious Pulitzer Prize for its outstanding story and style of writing.

Go Set a Watchman is a novel with all its characters depicted in perfect pitch and pace. The narration of this audiobook is quite effortlessly done by Reese Witherspoon. His quality of tone and soulful expression makes the audiobook an absolutely brilliant experience for the listeners.

The novel, Go Set a Watchman was originally written somewhere in the mid 1950s. This novel was submitted by the author to the publishers before she did To Kill a Mockingbird. The novel Go Set a Watchman has got several characters from To Kill a Mockingbird novel, which are still fresh and relevant even after 20 years.

Jean Louise Finch, a scout is still struggling with some issues, after she returned home to visit her father in Maycomb. The issues were having both political and personal perspectives. It involved society, Atticus and also the small town of Alabama, which actually shaped her.

The author has very smartly crafted this gem of a book. She very intelligently sent across a difficult message to the target audience, without offending them at all. 

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