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Got the Look is the fifth mystery novel in the Jack Swyteck series by author James Grippando.
In Got the Look, Swyteck goes up against a killer so clever and insidious that even Jack may have met his final match.

Jack Swyteck’s new girlfriend, Mia, is keeping a secret from a passionate Miami lawyer, especially among them a rich and powerful husband. Mia is kidnapped by a manipulative kidnapper who makes a shivering ransom demand, “Pay me what she’s worth”.

Jack is under the gun, because Mia’s spouse has decided his unfaithful wife is worth nothing. Time is of the essence, and if Jack chooses the wrong number, Mia could end up like the other kidnapper’s victims: dead.

Got The Look is a gripping story about Jack, his best friend the Knight Knight, and other characters from the colorful backdrop and big city lights of downtown Miami. The story line pulled me in from the first page and I finished the book in the continental period. The fairy tale start of the story features Swytek “early in high heels for a new love interest” and the couple is still in the honeymoon phase of the relationship when Theo encounters The gorgeous MIA died at Mia at the two-month-long Mark of her wild and wonderful adventures in each other’s arms. Fans of the handsome and respectable Jack Swytek know that he doesn’t have much trouble turning a pretty girl’s head, but then he’s like a magnet for pretty women with the name Crazy Crazy.

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