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Hollow Empire is the second science fiction book in The Poison Wars series by author Sam Hawke.
Moving from poison and betrayal to war and witchcraft, Sam Hawke’s Poison War continues with Empty Empire. Great epic fantasy adventure perfect for fans of Robin Hobb, Naomi Novik and Scott Lynch.

Silasta’s deadly siege has awakened ancient spirits, and now the city-state must find its place in this new magical world. People and politics always betray, and it will use all of Jovan and Kalina’s skills as evidence and spies to save their country as witches and assassins aim for domination.

The story of Jovan and Kalina Oromani, nobles of the city of Silasta. Since the events of City of Lies, much of life has gone on. Jovan has definitely gotten a proof apprentice (poison tester addict), Kalina is very fortunate to have recovered from what happened, and Tain Iliri is trying her best to become prime minister, though His health has somewhat declined since those events.

When strange things start happening, the Oromani family (as well as two others) seem to be specifically targeted for doll service and surveillance. All three must use their skills to unravel what’s really going on and who would have such a big grudge against their family. that they would resort to magic and surveillance.

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