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How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World is a great book by author Harry Browne.
This audiobook is educational and motivating, and even if you don’t agree with Browne’s philosophy, his consistent and logical thinking can lead you to introspection and insight.
Harry Browne believes that one’s happiness is the highest goal one can achieve in life. Freedom comes from living your life as you see fit. Happiness and freedom can be achieved even when others still don’t, and it’s never too late to change your life.

I don’t expect you to stop worrying about them, just because I recommend you do. I hope to show you that those people and organizations are relatively powerless to stop you – once you decide how you will achieve your freedom. someone will get in your way. But when you become preoccupied with the people who are standing in your way, you will overlook many alternatives that you can use to overcome them. The freedom you seek was available to you, but it went unnoticed.

This book identifies life’s pitfalls – unconscious thoughts and self-stopping habits – and explains in language that even a young person can understand how to get out of the pitfalls. this. It helps you navigate your life by being true to your beliefs while enjoying self-reliance, peace, freedom, prosperity, and happiness.

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