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It is another attempt to eradicate racism by Ibram X. Kendi who has devoted his life to his passion of eradicating the evil of racism from the world. The author sees a world from a different angle altogether. He does not see the people according to the color of their skin we observe this theme in other books of the author like Stamped from the Beginning and Stamped: Racism, Antiracism, and You.

He tries to change the perception of those who think that black race or being a black race is a curse from God. The book does not give us a new idea but tries to highlight the old one once again. Racism has been there since the start of the world and is created by people who want to gain benefit by exposing the weakness of others. No one has the right to show any discrimination between the people on the issue of skin tone or sex because these are not the vital things in a society.

The genetic makeup or the appearance is no match of personality that actually holds the key. It is racism that creates boundaries between people and makes the character fall in front of the skin tone or the family background. It also shares the old memories of the author in which he depicts the things that he suffered from during his early age and perhaps boys like him are still facing on different levels. Social discrimination destroys all the positivity in you and the grudge is transferred even to the next generation. Narrated in an emotional way by Ibram himself the book presents really pinching and true facts about the life of a black.


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