HOW TO BREAK A DRAGON’S HEART is the eighth book in Cressida Cowell’s How to Train Your Dragon series.
Trapped on the Beach of Broken Hearts is especially dangerous and possibly haunted, Hiccup must face UG the Uglithug and complete the impossible quest – or die trying. He will have to battle the Berserks, dodge Scarers, and save Fishlegs from being eaten by Monsters, all the while being hunted by old enemies with the dark secret of the mysterious Lost Throne. With Toothless by his side, and the time to rescue is running out, what should the Hero do?

This is the kind of book that is highly anticipated from the series and certainly meets all standards of Cressida Cowell’s work. However, those who expect similarly silly and light-hearted madness may also be surprised by the deeper heart-piercing this book offers. Is that a bad thing? No! Cowell has always managed to bring out a lot of subtle emotion, but this shows that the growth in that field needs to be acknowledged when a book begins with a Viking tale of betrayal, murder, family and a kidnapping (one more thing).

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