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How to Ride a Dragon’s Storm is the seventh book in the How to Train Your Dragon series by author Cressida Cowell.
The hilarious series that inspired the Dream Works movie. Hiccup has three months, five days and six hours to get back to Berk, save his father, fight the Polarserpent AND win the annual Tribal Friendly Swimming Competition. Can he do it???? David Tennant reads this fun classic children’s book that everyone can enjoy.

This is another fun addition to one of the more fun kids’ series out there. With her captivating, story-driven style and frantic humor, Cressida Cowell brings to life a fictional Viking world where swimming competitions last for months and America is always ready to be explored. !

An annual “friendly” swimming competition goes awry when children are kidnapped and dragged across the “Great Western Ocean” to help discover new worlds. Along the way, they encounter slaves, sea monster-fighting machines, and the wildest inventing barbarians one could hope to read about. Despite the obvious madness of the plot, Cowell weaves a tight plot and has an age-appropriate sense of humor that pulls it all into a story that leaves readers wanting to scream.

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