InterWorld is the first science book in the InterWorld series featuring Neil Gaiman’s and master Michael Reaves creating a magical, scientific story about the fate of a special boy and others like him. The story revolves around the boy Joey Harker lost in his house, he went to another dimension. Joey’s travels between worlds make him a terrible prey between two worlds: armies of magic and science, everyone doing everything to harness Joeys’ power.

Here are the top 3 reviews and comments that readers love about this fascinating book.

Review 1: InterWorld audiobook by Gurmukh

A good listen

I enjoyed this story. The plot and characters were interesting, and it shows a very interesting new take on the idea of multiple universes.

In some places the writing was a little bit awkward, not as polished as I’ve come to expect from Neil Gaiman. I don’t know anything about the writing style of Michael Reaves, but I don’t think he deserves the blame.

I think what’s likely is that it’s a result of this story not being intended to be distributed as a book. It was originally a pitch for a television show, I’m guessing they had to make a lot of hurried modifications when there was a demand for it in book form.

There’s not much character development. I think that’s also a result of the story being written for television where the development happens over multiple episodes.

One thing I wonder: If every important decision splits off a new universe, what happens when you make an important decision when you’re outside of them?

Interworld is a nice, light read. I recommend it.

Review 2: InterWorld audiobook by Marcie

A pleasant kid’s book

We are being set up here for a sequel, I can feel it in my multidimensional bones. Well written, well read, there is a clean line between good and evil that makes this pleasant fiction, but not up to Gaiman’s usual level of ingenuity. It would make a great animated movie. Would I listen to the sequel? Probably not. But keeping the attention of a 52 year old woman with this type of story is worth some kind of kudos.
Kudos to youdos Mr. Gaiman, Mr. Reaves

Review 3: InterWorld audiobook by Ruy

great entertainment

This book was an easy listen, catching me quite early and letting me listen trough in almost one single setting. The plot is quite straightforward but builds good momentum, and the end is quite fast paced. It is not the usual Gaiman writing, this is not so dark and more young-reader oriented, but very enjoyable anyhow.


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