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Last Call is the seventh mystery novel in the series: Jack Swytek by author James Grippando.
Years ago, Jack Swyteck saved Theo Knight’s life.
The streets of Miami’s roughest neighborhood and lost her mother to a violent crime. His uncle Cy tried his best to raise him properly, but when he was a teenager, Theo received the death penalty for a murder he didn’t commit. Jack is the lawyer who proved him innocent.

A successful bar owner, Theo turned the tide. But he needs Jack’s help again, this time more than ever.

An escaped prisoner from the old neighborhood shows up at Theo’s back door, asking for help. He will point to the man who murdered Theo’s mother. But the answer is not so simple, and soon Theo’s life is in danger.

Jack and Theo must work together to plot a 20-year conspiracy of greed and corruption that has led to Miami’s top elite while looking back at the past Theo has tried to forget. The opportunity to seek revenge has driven him since the day he found his mother dead on the street on a hot Miami night.

The thriller is brilliant and fast, complete with revelations that no listener will ever forget.

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