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Light of the World is the 20th literary fiction book in the Dave Robicheaux series by author James Lee Burke.
James Lee Burke is a two-time Edgar Award winner with every book inspiring, especially those in the hugely popular Dave Robicheaux series.

In Light of the World, sadist and serial killer Asa Surrette narrowly escaped the death penalty for a series of brutal murders he committed while the death penalty was outlawed. in Kansas. After a series of damning articles written by Alafair, Dave Robicheaux’s daughter, about other possible crimes committed by Surette, the killer escaped from a prison van and headed to Montana – where Dave didn’t expect. came by chance to enjoy the sweet summer air. Accompanied by Alafair, his wife Molly, Clete’s loyal partner, and Clete’s new daughter, Gretchen Horowitz, whom listeners met in Burke’s most recent bestseller Creole Belle.

This book is the twentieth issue in the series.
This time the action shifts to the Montana mountains.
Dave, his family, and his traveling companion, Clete Purcell, went to the Rockies to reflect and recuperate. Coincidentally an escaped serial killer is also lurking in the valley. The incident grows more sinister, the action culminating in a violent cataclysm that leaves only the innocents standing.
An avid Burke fan, I found the plot to be implausible and the characterization weak. Out of all the places to go on vacation, our heroes happen to be relaxing near a serial killer on the run. The main characters in pushing the story forward are mostly emotionally restrained; preoccupation with causing physical and emotional pain to others. The book focuses on vivid descriptions of cruelty.
Local law enforcement is incompetent or corrupt and criminal. In this dark country, justice is only achieved through the barrel of a high-powered gun.

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