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Love and Death Among the Cheetahs is the 13th mystery novel in the Royal Spyness series by author Rhys Bowen.
Georgie and Darcy finally honeymoon in Kenya’s Happy Valley. The murder sends the group into trouble in this all-new installment of the New York Times best-selling series.

Darcy suddenly announced that we were flying to Kenya for an extended honeymoon. I suspect that he was actually sent on another secret mission. I try not to get into a fight about it, because after all, we’re in heaven! Darcy finally confided that there had been robberies in London and Paris. It seems the thief was a member of the aristocracy and may have escaped to Kenya. We’re in the Happy Valley – the heart of British high life – so we’re well positioned to look for clues and look for possible suspicious spots.

I’m already a stylish married woman, I’m trying my best to seem like one. But cracky! This aristocrat was a completely loathsome kind, enjoying a completely decadent lifestyle with wild parties and rampant infidelity. Lord Cheriton, have the courage to do a play for me. While I’m on my honeymoon! Of course, I put an end to that immediately.

When he was found bloody and lifeless along a deserted stretch of road, he fell victim to a lion. But it seems the Happy Valley community wants to wrap up the case a bit quickly. Darcy and I soon discovered that there was more than a simple robbery and an animal attack to contend with here in Kenya. Nearly everyone has an incentive to want Lord Cheriton dead and some will go to great lengths to silence anyone who asks too many questions. I just hope I can survive the honeymoon long enough to catch the killer….

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