Loving What Is

Loving What Is is a great book on parenting and personal development. Four questions that can change your life. The content of the story involves Katie becoming depressed for 10 years, despair and sinking into a rage, suicidal ideation. Then one day, she woke up with a happy, happy mood, pain had no longer appeared in her life. This book will give you more reasons to change your life.

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Review 1: Loving What Is audiobook by moves

Go for the abridged version

This new version has Katie and various voice actors reading the dialogues from the book. It comes off as a bit wooden and staged. I would suggest going for the older, abridged version which includes live dialogues of Katie doing The Work with people, and is much more engaging in my experience.

Review 2: Loving What Is audiobook by Jae Behrmann

Recommended by my ex-wife

This book was recommended to me by ex-wife and I was skeptical of the book’s ability to impact me. However, after putting the book’s principles into practice, I have noticed a shift in my thinking, attitudes, and beliefs that have positively impacted the relationship with my children. Although my ex-wife and I rarely speak, I feel much more peaceful in my outlook towards her. I recommend this book to anyone interested in improving their relationships.

Review 3: Loving What Is audiobook by Book Reader

The abridged version is a better audiobook

Any additional comments?

If you’re new to the Byron Katie stuff, I strongly recommend the abridged version for you instead of this one. It contains live recordings of people doing ‘the work’ and will give you a much greater understanding of what she’s getting at. This one is good as a completer…to flesh out a bit if you’re interested in learning more, but it doesn’t give you the up close understanding what’s actually happening emotionally and intellectually for the people in the dialogues.

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