Maestro – Legend of Drizzt: Homecoming Book II

Maestro is the second science fiction book in the Legend of Drizzt: Homecoming series by author R. A. Salvatore. A terrible thing has come to Menzoberranzan leaving death and destruction. When Drizzt got home, he went to see Menzoberranzan. Bruenor brought an army of dwarves to end the plague in Menzoberranzan. Spider City may fall into the hands of demons and their evil prince. How will the war between Drizzt and the dark elves end???

We invite you to listen to this fascinating story. Here are the top 3 reviews and comments that readers love about this fascinating book.

Review 1: Maestro – Legend of Drizzt: Homecoming Book II by George


This is a masterpiece of audio music to massage the inner recesses of literary fantasy and lore.
Mr Salvatore has changed….No , Elevated his presentation of the story.
He has made it seamless and in turn keeps one drooling like a Dwarf staring at a female Dwarf with a better beard than his lol.

I have to say please let others know about Drizzt and the books he’s in.
It is a wonderful gift for the mind .

Especially this one.

Review 2: Maestro – Legend of Drizzt: Homecoming Book II by Carlton

To Deep and To Unbelievable

Where to start. I’ve love the whole Dark Elf Saga. Not just the Lone Ranger but the who dynamic that is the Dark Elf Life. Yet this book left me rolling my eyes. What makes any great antagonist is their flaws and their imperfections. It’s what made Quenthal (hope I spelled that right) so loved as the Matron Mother. Loths pettiness and limitations even as a God made her enjoyable. Yet once you start creating powers that are damn near perfect and almost all seeing you lose me. And when you destroy the core of your Hero for no reason other than you can… You lose me. Another sickness!? One that puts doubt in the purest heart in the D&D universe… Lost me. Do better R.A. Please.

Review 3: Maestro – Legend of Drizzt: Homecoming Book II by Rush

not my favorite

the hero was always in his own head and never my favorite character in the series but this shift to super emo really sacked the excitement out of it for me. the book is also very sexualized. I have no problem with a more mature book but it was too over the top and annoyed me in the end.

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