Merrick | The Vampire Chronicles Book 7

Merrick is the 7th book in The Vampire Chronicles series by famous author Anne Rice. The irresistible story of two worlds: the wizarding world and the vampire world where magic power and enchantment are locked together in a dance of seduction and death.

The story is about the beautiful witch Merrick. She is a descendant of the clan, the actress descended from the black mistresses of white men, a society of men and women in New Orleans, steeped in the lore and rituals of the voodoo, who reigned. in the dark world where Africans and French – whites and darks – intertwine. Her ancestors were the Great Mayfair Witches, whom she knew nothing about – and inherited the magical powers and knowledge of a Circe.

Into this strange kingdom of New Orleans comes David Talbot. He is a hero, adventurer, an almost mortal vampire, a traveler from another dark realm. It was he who told Merrick’s haunting tale; the story takes us from the New Orleans of the past and present to the jungles of Guatemala; Mayan ruins from a century ago to unexplored ancient civilizations.

Anne Rice’s richly told novel makes for an irresistible tale of two worlds: the world of witches and the world of vampires, where the magical powers and enchantment of the world are subdued. locked together in a seductive dance of death and rebirth.

Here are some comments from readers to better understand this good audiobooks:

01- There’s a story here, but not the story of how a Mayfair witch became a vampire. This is not the story of Louis “atoning” from guilt over his unusual daughter and eventual vampire mistress Claudia, and his reincarnation into a family of vampires. new. The story builds towards, you could say there’s very little action, what has most of it in flashbacks.

Anne Rice wanted to share the special rich atmosphere that fascinated her about parts of New Orleans that may no longer exist, and she wanted to share in the joy of sharing her observations of a number of people in real life that she loves in real life. She came up with an excuse, some extra episodes, to allow her to indulge herself. She doesn’t have to tie it to the story of Lestat, and instead spends more time observing Merrick and her close family through the centuries.

02- Merrick is a powerful wizard in New Orleans, related to the Mayfair family and member of the Talamasca. She is good at communicating with the dead. She knew the vampire David from his days in Talamasca. The hot-tempered, sensitive Louis wants to contact her long-lost Claudia to make sure she is at peace. David is somewhat reluctant to bring two people from two different worlds together to help Louis overcome this obsession. Merrick may have his own agenda all this time….

For those of you who’ve read the vampire chronicles and Mayfair books about witches, this is an interesting off day. Merrick is kept too mysterious to really molt as a character. There are many flowery depictions of New Orleans and its glamorous dresses, hips, and long fingers. It’s a novel that comes out with any Anne Rice novel, but this one has too much description and not enough plot. Things pick up speed and a bit of fun in the final chapters.

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