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A fascinating and mysterious story about vampire-related worlds by L. J. Smith. If you want to go into the story, then start listening to the story through the narration by artist Ellen Grafton. Full of adventure, extremely magnificent attraction that you have never felt!

1. Secret Vampire (Night World, #1) by L.J. Smith

2. Daughters of Darkness (Night World 2) by L.J. Smith 

3. Spellbinder (Night World 3) by L.J. Smith

4. Dark Angel (Night World 4) by L.J. Smith

5. The Chosen (Night World 5) by L.J. Smith

6. Soulmate (Night World 6) by L.J. Smith

7. Huntress (Night World 7) by L.J. Smith

8. Black Dawn (Night World 8) by L.J. Smith

9.Witchlight (Night World 9) by L.J. Smith


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