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Off the Record

The Record, Book 1

By: K. A. Linde

Narrated by: Natalie Ross

It all starts with a question.…

When Liz Dougherty’s first reporting assignment for her North Carolina college newspaper discovered she was covering the state senator’s impromptu press conference, she had no idea her life was about to change. how strong. Senator Brady Maxwell may look part of him with his good looks and impeccable style, but his political views have steered Liz in the wrong direction, and she won’t give it up easily. he.

Liz’s conundrum caught Brady off guard and picked her editor, Hayden Lane, knowing she was on top as a journalist. But to Liz’s surprise, she’s also headed for a secret, risky love affair with Brady Maxwell, which could destroy the careers everyone holds dear.

Dissatisfied with sneaking around and figuring things out because Hayden can’t be completely pure, Liz faces a tough decision: Should she take things with Brady to the next level or cancel the whole thing? the job? They soon discover that in love, unlike politics, there is rarely a clear winner.

I can’t put this book down and can’t wait for Liz’s story to continue as she continues to work on her career goals in journalism while completing her final two years of college. Will she end up with Brady, the dashing, charismatic, irresistible career politician? Or will it be Hayden, her handsome, laid-back, laid-back friend, friend, co-worker, and by far lover again, who always seems to be there just when she needs it. he?

I can’t wait for Liz to become her own and choose what and who she wants in her life!

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