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A Deadly Brew is the mysterious fourth book in the Matthew Bartholomew series by Susanna Gregory. The content of the book follows the adventures of a 14th-century Cambridge doctor when he is called to attend two deaths from some tainted wine.

The opening of the new and preferential college created a small infighting among scholars as new appointments were made. The winters and springs were horribly wet, and there was an outbreak of fever among the poorer city dwellers. The country has yet to fully recover from the aftermath of the epidemic.

Cambridge’s growing fame and wealth caused dangerous tensions between the town, the church and the university. Then the poisoned alcohol killed the first victim – a student. The second victim was Dittone who was an associate master of the new university, but there was no connection between him and the student.
Matthew sets up events as the relationship between the town and the cloak spirals out of control.

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