Online Free Audiobook – KING AND MAXWELL By David Baldacci

Once the two were Secret Service agents but they put that life behind them because of the conspiracies which always tortured them. Also, Sean King and Michelle Maxwell were free souls from the beginning they didn’t like to work under a boss. Together the two formed an agency that is governed by them and no one else.

Instead of taking orders, the two accept cases now after which they get handsomely paid. Even the president and the first lady call these two for the job whenever they need trusted men. Split Second and Simple Genius showed the brilliance of these two agents as they showed their full capacity. No one hires the two in the novel this time rather they are begged for help by a boy whose father went to Afghanistan for a mission and then he died there.

Tyler Wingo’s father was in the army when he was appointed in Afghanistan after which the news of his death came to his only son. Now his father is somehow establishing contact with him. There could be a chance that Tyler’s father is still alive or someone else is faking a big drama to get to Tyler. Michelle agrees at once when she sees the seriousness of the case.

A few days later King and Maxwell find themselves running for their lives because they go deep into a deadly web unknowingly. Tyler’s life is under threat as well because the case gets linked to several dangerous people. David Baldacci talks about Afghanistan here but not detailed pictures of the land are portrayed here. Ron McLarty and Orlagh Cassidu also while narrating the novel don’t pay much attention to the Afghanistan part.

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