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Permanent Record is a good book by famous author Edward Snowden. The story revolves around a man who risks exposing the US government’s system of mass surveillance. The story of his life, how he built that system, as well as destroyed it with his own hands. We invite you to follow the next development of this wonderful book.

We invite you to listen to this fascinating story. Here are the top 3 reviews and comments that readers love about this fascinating book.

Review 1: Permanent Record by DisneyDenizen

Edward Snowden is an exceptionally polarizing person. Some view him as a hero. Others view him as a traitor to our country. These two positions exist in my own household and are defended vehemently.

I view him as a hero, a man who gave up life as he lived it to provide the American public and the world with the truth. This is a man who truly made a difference with his life.

This book, written by Snowden himself, is well written, intelligent, informative, and entertaining. It reads like you’re sitting down listening to your best friend tell his life’s story.

Review 2: Permanent Record by Matt Hollingsworth

A must read book. A historical waypoint. I couldn’t recommend it more. I doubt this genie can or should be put back in the bottle. There are multiple ways of looking at this topic. Ultimately I don’t think he should serve any time in prison since it was important to share the implications of modern computing with respect to privacy. In general if I had to choose between total transparency and total privacy, I’d choose total transparency in all things. Ultimately you can’t reverse technological change very easily without destroying society itself. Crazy Ted Kaczynski worried about the same types of negatives coming from technological change and thought it was worth destroying society in an attempt to reboot the technological change that he saw as ultimately destroying society anyway. I think it was very important to get the information Ed shared out to the broader public, but now what? If I had one question to ask Ed it would be: “what is your wish list of solutions to the valid concerns you raise?” There aren’t any major solutions. We’re all on the same ride and it only goes forward. We can at best hope to regulate and dull the negatives while embracing the positives of technological change. You can’t put the genie back in the bottle easily without causing major societal damage. Curiosity and technical innovation are something that are wound into the very evolution of our human design. It can’t be avoided and it takes us relentlessly forward to destinations unknown regardless of our concerns about our innate inner impulse. During the Middle Ages the church tried to stop innovation but it didn’t last long. Then we got the Enlightenment

Review 3: Permanent Record by alvin myers

This is a story that must. reach the heart of America . True evil loves to take the form of patriotism and religion as our current Trump administration revealed. The Snowden family has proved for generations their values.

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