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Target Zero is the second book in the An Agent Zero Spy Thriller series by renowned author Jack Mars. This is an action-packed wild ride across Europe. CIA agent Kent Steele is summoned to stop the biological weapon before ravaging the world while grappling with his own memory.

Here are the top 3 reviews and comments that readers love about this fascinating book.

Review 1: Target Zero audiobook by shelley

My advice… get the book!

Second installment in the Kent Steele series. Really enjoyed this book as much as I did the first. This book ends with a cliffhanger and the story concludes with the third book. I would strongly suggest listening to these books in order.
This is a very fast paced story with tons of action. Of course being a single parent Reed Lawson’s (the protagonist) children are his weakest vulnerability. Of course the assassin chasing him would learn of them. Meanwhile Reed in his Kent persona would be out of the country chasing bio terrorist.
I have completed the first two books and am currently listening to the third. The books are excellent. Not completely believable, not completely plausible. This is fiction. If you’re a fan of this genre I don’t think that matters. If you’ve ever listened to the first GRAY MAN book you’ll understand.
Edoardo Ballerini does an outstanding job narrating.
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Review 2: Target Zero audiobook by ACC

Lazy mistakes

Overall it’s an acceptable “popcorn” book, but lazy mistakes with terminology and tactics are frustrating – i.e. In one instance, at the beginning, the main character mechanically “turns off” the safety on his Glock pistol (there’s no such on/off safety on a Glock). The author keeps calling pistol magazines “clips” which wasn’t even accurate in the 1980’s. Lastly, the main character makes repetitive, tactical mistakes which are lazily written to rehash his memory loss but it comes off as amateur incompetence. You’d think that the author would spend 5 minutes on Google.

Review 3: Target Zero audiobook by MisterFrosty

Cheap, lazy, gimmicky ending

I bought this book with reservations because I was too lazy to search for something good. The story does not flow at all. Constantly complicated by the last installment’s bizarre twist about the main character having been subjected to a selective memory erasure. That same fact dirties up this, the sequel. The author seems not to be interested in telling a believable story. Typical lazy writing and I was barely able to suffer through it.
The end should have been the “to be continued” in the same corny style as the old Batman TV show. He just stops in the middle of almost the most crucial scene and says “the end”. I seldom see such cheap theatrical style in the hundreds of Audible selections I’ve listened to.
So.. this is for you if you enjoy lackluster writing attempting to steal Jason Borne. Author has earned a place on my “Don’t waste your time.” List

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