Plunder Squad – A Parker Novel Book 15

Plunder Squad is the 15th mystery and horror novel in the Parker series by author Richard Stark. A team of seasoned professionals cannot guarantee against human error in a high-risk scam. Can a troubled art dealer unload a truckload of paintings with Parker’s help? Will the heist end so many stories of human interest, when luck runs out before Parker can score?

Here are some comments from readers to better understand this good audiobooks:

01- Parker’s big mistake in Plunder Squad was creating a chain reaction of bad events and a chain of bad luck culminating in a misguided art heist. “Plunder Squad” is one of my favorite Parker novels due to the advantage of “Murphy’s Law” and the adage that “If anything goes wrong, it goes wrong.” Parker leaves George Uhl, another career criminal, alive and hunts him down before he can commit his next heist.

02- Parker was involved in three increasingly complex art thefts, each with a typical parabolic shape. The first two seasons failed because Parker was too clever to engage in wobbly schemes with unreliable people. In the third case, the robbery of a truck of modern paintings under the direction of the Illinois State Police, was intricately planned, anyone familiar with Robert Burns’ great poem about the subject. The best plan is to predict what will happen.

The action and plot of this book is Parker’s attempt to track down someone he needs to kill and should have killed for years. Both storylines are very well written, with lively scene descriptions and some excellent character descriptions. Parker’s ally in the third heist, as well as several minor characters in the revenge meme.
Stark really upped his game in this book.

03- Parker does not have normal social interactions with others. A married woman knocks on Parker’s motel door, hoping for something with Parker. Then he packed up and left for work. He’s not part of a group that includes a woman like her.

04- Plunder Squad tells the story of three attempted thefts and the story of an attempt to destroy the enemy. The story begins with Parker dodging bullets from the enemy, and ends with him trying to survive another attack. Parker has rules that guide whether or not he is involved in a crime? The first theft attempt violates his rule against unstable team members. The latter idea violates his rule against including the woman who could be entangled in a love triangle. The third plan Parker only accepted after he corrected the problems he saw during the setup.

This novel is filled with constant, dangerous action, steady suspense, and often twists and turns. Parker’s plan to rob the art collection is dangerous, complicated, but believable. Stark offers great and detailed characters. Parker’s prowess as a thief, Plunder Squad once again shows that crime comes without a price. Another great planned job has gone awry.

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