Quantum Predation – Argonauts Book 4

Quantum Predation is the fourth book in the Argonauts series by author Isaac Hooke. The story is about a colony on the outskirts of space that has stopped all communication activities. Rade and his ragtag security consulting team were notified to investigate.

When an alien invasion is imminent, Rade must find a way out before it’s too late. These are engaging action sequences, with a compelling story that will not disappoint readers.

Here are some comments from readers to better understand this good audiobooks:

01- This is a great installment in the Argonauts series. The Argonauts are in a bit of trouble, regarding an alien invasion. They also take center stage in a hostage scenario, surrounded by the city’s defenses. The Argonauts manage to intercept an alien mother and infiltrate its organs, capturing an enemy phant in the process.

02- The Argonauts are fighting for their lives against the alien spider-like creatures.
Routine quests while traveling shortly after hunting the Phants turned into colonial investigations. The team finds a Phant in the system and is attacked by an alien spider.
03- This is the right book for every sci-fi action lover. Rade and his crew simply accompanied a representative of the Kenyan government to their colony to determine the reason why communications were down. Easy, well-paid work to relieve the offline boredom of past times.

04- This book is about the fighting of Rade Galaal and his Argonauts. People outside the military have set up Global Security Unlimited, they can be hired to help with whatever is needed. According to Rade, they are not mercenaries but security consultants. Right now, they’re being used frequently by a Blue Phant, who happens to live in a man-made structure called Emily Bounty. Phant takes over cybernetics artificially and then communicates with the Argonauts through Emily Bounty. It was a collaborative effort in which Artifact had to agree to “own”.

Surus is their current master and is staying for a while. It was agreed that Rade was in charge of the company and that he could make all the important decisions. He is also free to seek out other clients who may need his company’s services. A diplomat from the Kenyan Consulate in Talan has just contacted Rade and asked him to provide security and transportation services to a Kenyan colony, near the suburbs. Kitale has been out of touch with the Kenyan government for quite some time.

Rade had to explain to Surus why they weren’t moving forward towards their intended meeting with the other Green Phant. This side mission won’t take as long, providing the Argonauts with some extra money for the cost of running and cruising around on their starship, the Argonaut.

05- These are funny books. There was a lot of banter among the members of the Argonauts, which to my surprise was the presence of a woman. Rade’s companion Shaw is a tough woman and she can eat as well as any man. What is surprising is that no Argonauts have been killed so far. You will love this fascinating story.

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