Queen of Shadows By Sarah J. Maas

One thing is for sure in this life i.e you can send a man on the moon but cannot change your fate, it is something that you have to endure. The more you stop going against your fate the more easy your life becomes. Sarah J. Maas’s Celaena is such type of a character who tries to run away from the troubles of life but still cannot get rid of them. 

She is not afraid but all she wants is some relaxation and true love, someone with whom she can share her feelings. Her fate however once again leads her to the place where it all started i.e her birth place and it is not her birth place alone it is her birth right as well. We have seen her in Crown of Midnight and Heir of Fire looking for clues about herself and now she has been provided with answers she was looking for. 

She is the chosen one who can save the people of her land from the terrible rule. Finally Celaena gets something in life she can give her everything too, though heartbroken herself she proves to be a healer for the people of her land. She fights with all her heart to get the seat as the Queen of Terrasen but there is still one little issue that remains, she has to defeat the currently reigning queen. 

Thus the loss and gain sequence continues in the tale and the words that the writer uses at the climax are surely worth to listen in the voice of Elizabeth Evans who has been going well with the series.

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