Redwall By Brian Jacques

Redwall is the first science fiction book in the Redwall series by author Brian Jacques. This book was published in 1987, the night the author’s name became an international star. A gripping story about a great adventure: danger, laughter, tragedy, mystery, a truly despicable villain and a hero we know.
That hero is Matthias, a young rat who must overcome fear and failure to save his friends at Redwall Abbey. The villain is Cluny the Scourge who is one of the most despicable tasty rats of all time.

The unforgettable supporting cast includes Constance, a rabbit named Basil Stag Hare, and wise older brother Methuselah.
Matthias is searching for his true destiny in a journey that leads to danger and despair to true wisdom.

Here are some comments from readers to help you better understand this Audiobooks:

01- Brian Jacques’ novel is well paced and imaginative, with fearsome heroes, despicable villains and also some ambiguous characters. The story line has many satisfying moments that build a dramatic conclusion.

02- These are fascinating stories about warrior mice, about a forest Monastery and forest creatures living in harmony. The perplexing questions of how one got a Monastery without religion, and why rats eat fish… Inspired by a LARP game, I decided to re-read the series and troubling theological questions aside, the series remains an excellent example of author Brian Jacques’ novel.

03- A wonderful story of good overcoming evil set in Redwall Abbey. Matthias is a lost man who turns out to be a hero; Constance is the wise old badger, and a bunch of squirrels must face Cluny the Scourge – a vicious sea mouse and his hordes of demons.

04- Redwall is not just a story for children, but also for adults. Redwall is about interesting characters, a rich tapestry if adventure, friendship and courage.
The turmoil of the medieval monks, the despicable nature of the lords, the harshness of the animal kingdom. O’Brien’s beloved Mrs. Frisky must also face a vile tyrant and violent upheavals.
All rats that escaped from the NIMH were killed in a moment of terror by a blast of ventilation air. Will the furry grasshopper nit starve while the industrious ant dies through the delicate winter months?
The rats at Redwall Abbey lived and died, sometimes peacefully, sometimes violently. Redwall is just as capable of brutality and arrogance as the rats that are ensnaring their precious home. Redwall is a novel about life and death that clearly requires consideration.

05- The narrator does a great job and most of the cast’s acting is excellent, despite the annoying, stereotypical Asian accent. There are memorable characters like Basil Staghare and Cluny The Scourge, he scolds his troops and certainly has some funny moments like when Matthias meets the Guerilla Shrew Association in Mossflower. Death and war are mentioned in the book, though neither of them appear for any length of time and are violent.
Redwall is essentially a traditional hero story, and as such offers no real surprises or plot twists, it’s still a compelling series.

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