Robot Dust Bunnies

Robot Dust Bunnies is the action book and fifth installment in the Argonauts series by author Isaac Hooke. The book is about Rade and his team teaming up with a new ally to hunt down rogue aliens around the world.
Rade uses a research station on the planet as its base of operations.

Here are some comments from readers to better understand this good audiobooks:

01- Rade and his team are on the hunt with Surus and make their way to a remote Russian research outpost on a world mostly of molten lava. In their quest this time to face their most recent enemies, the robotic dust bunnies created by their Phant Prey.
Great storyline, Rade and Shaw for her pregnancy and the arrival of future children. I love the events surrounding the character Bender, his conversations with Rade in the middle of the book. The burgeoning relationship with Green Phants is also intriguing and sets a great direction for the future story. The Atlas and Alien War Trilogy series are also great and provide background information on all the teams while they’re still in the army.

02- This is an interesting book with the political maneuvering of the Phants. The truce between the Greens and the Phants left the Argonauts without their ship. Trapped in an extremely hot world, soldiers must battle a self-regenerating robot and save a terraform Russian moon.

03- Rade Galaal and Argonauts are working for Surus. Another Blue Phant is pursuing another Black Phant located on an isolated scientific area in Russia and the volcanic planet behind Russian territories. Surus used his connections to get the Russians to allow the science team to land their research on the volcanic ocean that covered the entire planet.
Argonaut to the vicinity of the planet. They were both taken by Russian pilots and prepared to land. Shaw will stay on board the Argonaut with a bunch of combat robots. Accompanying the Argonauts is a Blue Phant named Corunna. She provides the locations Black Phant wants to go with Surus and the Argonauts to track it down.
The Argonauts brought the shuttle down to the Russian base and demanded permission to land in the hanger. They received no response after many attempts. They soon find that the Russian base is devoid of all living things, human and Artificial. The vehicle tracks lead to the underground cave, the mission is quite simple, this is an underground search and destroy mission that Phant is not destroyed. Shaw was unable to defend the Argonaut on his own even with a bunch of combat robots. She was thrown from the Argonaut into deep space. This will cause Argonaut to be taken from Shaw twice.

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