Rockslide/ Street Rats of Aramoor, Book 3 – Online Free

Rockslide is the third book in the Street Rats of Aramoor series by author Michael Wisehart.
A debt is owed…and time is running out!

Ayrion’s Tribe has until the Harvest Moon to meet the Association’s price. If the payment is not made, the territory of the Storm will be confiscated and its members will starve to death.

The stakes have never been higher.

Once again, Ayrion found himself in the precarious position of taking on the role of savior. Only this time, not only his life was suspended, but also the lives of all the children he protected.

Desperation can lead people to try the impossible, but Ayrion has really gone above and beyond on this scale.

This is the third (and I believe the last) book in the series.

It’s a wonderful coming-of-age story, as thirteen-year-old Ayrion is banished from his own people and family and learns to make his way in the world.
Ayrion struggles to get out of one nail-biting crisis only to fall into another. The values his father taught him made him real friends as well as complicating his life. He picked up needy stray children and ended up adopting an entire tribe of street orphans.

The writing is excellent, there are only a few instances of the common phrase “breathing out a breath he didn’t know he was holding.”

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