Shadows of Self

Shadows of Self takes the Mistborn novel series to the new heights of success. It is highly engaging and even better with its content as compared to the other prior chapters of this novel. Thanks to the writer, Brandon Sanderson for his emphatic writing skills in crafting such a great science fiction fantasy novel. Michael Kramer as the narrator of this novel is at his usual best and something that you cannot ignore to appreciate.

The author surprises all his fans with new twists and turns, which are set post the trilogy action of the Mistborn series and in a period pertinent to the 19th century in America. The heroes from the trilogy are no part of being the myth and legend, even more, the figures of religious adoration as well. Wonderful new characters are destined to take their place from here on and the main character is Wax or Waxillium Ladrian, who us known as the inherited lord of House Ladrian. He is a lawman in the frontier region, known as Roughs. He worked there with his mate, Wayne. They both are known as the “twinborn”, which means that they are capable of employing the best of both the Feruchemical and the Allomantic magic.

The Shadows of Self is a story about an evolving society, which has both magic and technology sitting at its core simultaneously.

The Bands of Mourning and The Alloy of Law  are recommended novels for the book lovers, who appreciates Brandon Sanderson as a writer as well. These mentioned novels are from the Mistborn series. Another great quality of these novels is that the narration for both of these is handled by the renowned narrator Michael Kramer.

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