Skysworn – Cradle Book 4

Skysworn is the fourth novel in the Cradle series by author Will Wight. Skysworn is the protector of the Empire that has imprisoned Blackflame, an extremely dangerous person to control him in the war as promised. Only Skysworn is standing between the people of the land and total destruction.

Here are the top 3 reviews and comments that readers love about this fascinating book.

Review 1: Skysworn – Cradle Book 4 audiobook by Chuck

No Progression

I wanted to like this story but you can’t really call it that or even half a story. It’s more of an hour long episode in a Netflix series. The characters are still flat and not going anywhere. They serve the story rather than the story serving them, making them inconsistent. I want to see what happens to Lindon and read about his homecoming but that’s somewhere around 5 books away probably and this series isn’t worth that investment of time or money. I certainly won’t recommend it to anyone. Will Wight just isn’t a very good author. He seems to be trying to drag this series out but he doesn’t have the skill for it. At least he isn’t still trying to narrate his own books anymore. The voice actor in this was very good.

Review 2: Skysworn – Cradle Book 4 audiobook by Christopher

Good, but tastes like half a book.

I’m always wary of fantasy titles with run times shorter than 9 hours, but sometimes you get a great book in spite of the short length. This author managed to pull it off at least once in this very series.

However this one just felt like 2/3s of a book, with an attempt at tying the story together with a big reveal at the end. It’s the kind of book where you have to wonder if the author or publisher is just trying to make an extra buck by splitting a few long novels into a much more profitable, six-book-plus series.

This was a good continuation in the story but by no means a self-contained “chapter” in the overall story, unlike a couple of the other books in this series were.

So summing up; I recommend this book to anyone hooked on the tale and its’ characters, but it kinda felt like I paid a credit just to have the plot points filled so I’d know what’s going on in the next book.

Review 3: Skysworn – Cradle Book 4 audiobook by Lonnie-The GreatNorthe

let Travis and Will Wight whisk you away!

Wei Shi Lindon continues to follow the dangerous and forbidden path (forbidden because the path he walks always leads to insanity and destruction) of the Blackflame Warrior! People distrust him because of his warrior image, so when Lindon would join the Skysworn and fight alongside them, all they see is a monster…but Lindon with his unique, “pure” twin souls, has found a way to negate the debilitating effects caused by using Blackflame magic
Undaunted, Lindon fights alongside his best friend Yerin, and as always, their Patron Underlord, Eithan, keeps egging both of them to do the impossible and fight against the Deadbeasts!
I would definitaly recommend this fantastic series to lovers of classic fantasy, and even fans who love anime/manga will find plenty of visual cues to savor in Will Wight’s action-packed stories… So let Travis Baldree, and Will Wight whisk you away!

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