Sorcery of Thorns

The Sorcery of Thorns is about a captivating jewel, filled with slow-burning romance, loyal friendships, and extraordinary world-building. This is the imaginative story of an apprentice at the magic library, battling a powerful witch to save her kingdom.

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Review 1: Sorcery of Thorns audiobook by Kay Esselle

Enchanting, confident and thoroughly entertaining!

I haven’t read An Enchantment of Ravens and I don’t usually buy new audiobooks that don’t have customer reviews, but I’m a sucker for good cover art and Charlie Bowater’s ‘Elisabeth’ captivated me–and I was not disappointed!

I have a love/hate relationship with fantasy tropes and Margaret Rogerson crafted the magical elements of this story with a unique touch and masterful language. I tend to judge a book by how often I find myself rolling my eyes, but there was none of that thanks to good pacing and character development. The character’s voice is relatable and shamelessly hopeful. Elisabeth Scrivener is a heroine fresh out of this modern age of fearless resistance and empathetic judgement.

I’m also a sucker for romances, and I have to say, “that scene” had me tingling all over and simultaneously awed at Rogerson’s skillful description of emotions that–when experienced–are so difficult to put into words. But she did it, and in that moment my respect for the author soared to new heights!

Review 2: Sorcery of Thorns audiobook by Thierry

Technical sound problem

Very difficult to hear without earphones. This appears to be a combination of a soft voiced reader and being recorded too low. I’m going to return it and check out the book at the library. This is the only time I have ever come across this problem.

Review 3: Sorcery of Thorns audiobook by Storytellersrus

Uneven story moves from predictable to brilliant

I almost put the story down in the beginning. I took a break from it and read “One Hundred Years of Solitude” instead. However, I have pledged to complete every story I purchase on audible and returned to honor my pledge.

I am glad I did, though the convenient twists and turns of the plot left me rolling my eyes at times. Solutions came too easily —or were too dramatic.

Yet, when moments of brilliance came, their imaginative and unique qualities transported me. Books containing souls? I hadn’t thought of this and yet, I was smitten. Paragraphs appeared so deep and quotable, I returned to take them down word for word.

Stories like this one give me hope as a writer. If Roberson can be published, my similar uneven novel has a chance.

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