Stray Memoir of a Runaway – Free Full Audiobook

Stray Memoir of a Runaway is a beautiful book by author Tanya Marquardt.
Stray is the true story of a girl who runs away and finds herself.

After growing up in a dysfunctional and emotionally abused home, Tanya Marquardt ran away on her sixteenth birthday. Her departure is an act of rebellion and survival – whatever she is aiming for must be better than what she is leaving behind.

Struggling with her inner demons, Tanya must learn to take care of herself during two tumultuous two years in the working-class factory town of Port Alberni followed by an underground goth scene in the early 90s in Vancouver, British Columbia. She finds a chosen family among her peers, and the bond they form is intense and unwavering.

Stray reveals Tanya’s battle to embrace the vulnerable, enchanted parts of herself and heal past wounds as she forges her path to a new life.

The author brilliantly shows how parents use their children as weapons in a broken relationship, and the difficulties of entering adulthood without the life skills a young person needs and deserves. have been.

She has several life-saving mentors who teach her to appreciate herself and her abilities, which strengthens her determination to succeed.

It’s well written because it’s her first novel, and her background is a poet and playwright. There are very few errors and the storyline flows extremely well, making this an easy read that I can’t wait to return to. I will encourage Tanya to continue telling stories using the diverse experiences of youth.

While Tanya is my favorite character, Lana comes in second as she helps and encourages the struggling teenager on his difficult journey.

I was initially intrigued by this story because of its setting in British Columbia, but unfortunately the location did not lighten the mood of what I found to be a very sad and humorous book and I gave up on it after reading about 25%. . Later in the book, the memoir takes a more positive perspective, but there is no evidence that a lighter mood or hint of later life salvation would encourage me to continue reading.

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