Supernatural Academy: Year Two – Free Full Audiobook

Supernatural Academy: Year Two is a good book by author Jaymin Eve.
Second year at the Academy!
Maddison James learned a lot about life last year. Only the important stuff, of course. Like how to breathe underwater, how to turn arrows into weapons and how to love.

Asher Locke. The one who stole her heart. The one who showed her the truth about her past and… hope for her future.

Now is just the time for them to live happily ever after.

Only the gods have different plans. And with Atlantis on the rise, Maddi isn’t sure he’ll survive long enough to finish his sophomore year, let alone any kind of future.

Worse still, the brutal Atlantean gods wanted to break her down before they killed her. But Maddi has been underestimated before and she has hidden powers they will never see.

Maddie is really a great character to follow, I love her whiteness. There is a passage in this book that is extremely sad and emotional, but I just don’t feel it, and I cry easily in the book. It just lacks emotion. The story of the trapped gods and the rise of Atlantis, as well as who Maddie, Conner and Asher really are, is all very interesting. I still don’t like Asher much, though. I don’t know, there’s just something missing in this book, I can’t touch it.

Supernatural Academy: Second Year is the second book in the Supernatural Academy series. I liked this book significantly more than the first one. I don’t want to put this down.

This book was quite emotional and I devoured it like candy. Maddi, her two best girlfriends, Atlantean Five, Princeps, and Louis (a character throughout the series Supernatural Prison also in book 1), are joined by several other crossover characters from the series. Movie Supernatural Prison. We see Jessa and a few brothers Compass, Braxton and Tyson. I love seeing them appear in this book. If you haven’t read the series yet, I highly recommend you read it. Book one is Dragon Marked.

We learned more about where Maddi, Asher and Connor came from and what their purpose was. We also met some gods.

The only critique I have for this book is that I wish it had a little more to remind us of the less important things and the minor characters we’ve seen since book 1 but have. may not remember several months after reading this book. I’m sure it wouldn’t be a problem if I read the books backwards but I didn’t so there were a few times when I had to stop and think about 70 books ago when I read book 1.

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