Survival Quest | The Way of the Shaman Book 1

Survival Quest is the first novel in The Way of the Shaman series by author Vasily Mahanenko. The story follows Millions of people who come to Barliona, expecting things they can’t get in the real world every day: elves and magic, dragons and princesses, unforgettable battles. The game became so popular, many people used many hours of the day to play online..

Here are the top 3 reviews and comments that readers love about this fascinating book.

Review 1: Survival Quest audiobook by Daniel

A Guilty pleasure

I’ve been on a Litrpg binge lately, Read all of the Play to Live series, Awaken Online, Otherlife, The Land, and now This series.

I have to say it’s probably my least favorite of them, not to say it is bad at all I actually really enjoy the premise of it, however I find many of the mechanics of the world hard to believe in. (I know how that sounds) I also think it’s a bit simple minded overall and rarely walks it’s own path.

I think this book targets the younger of the litrpg fans to be sure.

But if your like me and completely addicted to this Genre of book give it a listen, it’s worth a credit and the voice performance from the reader is really well done.

Review 2: Survival Quest audiobook by Michael

Great Narrator, Great book

So this book takes place in the fictional future with a very futuristic video game. The world outside of the game, the real world is not very important. So the majority of the book take place in a MMO VR game, and some of things that are different from the typical fantasy is that the adventure takes place in an MMO and these imitations are embraced. So if you are not much of a gamer this book might not be for you.,

The narrator elevates the story, and its very easy to picture what is going on, and you get the extra context of tone and such from the voice of the narrator. The narrator does an amazing job.

I really enjoyed listening to this novel, so would recommend it to anyone who enjoys Fantasy and Gaming (not necessarily videogames). This series looks to be a champion of the genre of LitRPG.

Review 3: Survival Quest audiobook by Austin


I love the narrator who makes his characters come alive and envelops them in emotion.
I love the way the main character easily gets off course and starts rambling about one thing or another.
I love the way the main character solves problems both knowingly and instinctively.
I love the direction this story is going.

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