Tamarack County – Cork O’Connor Book 13

Tamarack County is the 13th mystery and suspense novel in the Cork O’Conno series by author William Kent Krueger.

William Kent Krueger is a New York Times bestselling author whose famous mysteries about Cork O’Connor.

In Tamarack County, former Sheriff Cork O’Connor investigates the disappearance of a retired judge’s wife – uncovering the bloody aftermath of the crime at the age of 20.

Here are the top 3 reviews and comments that readers love about this fascinating book.

Review 1: Tamarack County – Cork O’Connor Book 13 by Rusty

Good but not great

I’ve enjoyed this series, but lately the books are not as exceptional. Case in point, Cork’s children are older but there is no real character development; a teen age boy who is interested in girls – big surprise, a daughter who adopted a baby – wonderful but what about her career & social life and another daughter who is studying to become a nun but just realizes that she is gay when she is twenty something???. Then Cork is involved with a woman for years but he’s not sure if it’s serious so he jumps in bed with the first attractive woman he meets – not what we would expect from a mature father & grandfather in a small town. While a well written murder mystery is important, an interesting cast of believable characters are what drive me to read book after book in a series. I was disappointed when the book ended and I didn’t learn anything new about the O’Connor family.

Review 2: Tamarack County – Cork O’Connor Book 13 by Kitty

Now what am I going to do?

I just finished the last book available in this series…I took a chance with an author that I was not familiar with and bought “Iron Lake” the first book in this series, 13 books and 6 weeks later I am finished and wishing that there was more. I had to renew my subscription early to get all of this series. I was thoroughly entertained with each and every chapter. I hope that you give this series a try.

Review 3: Tamarack County – Cork O’Connor Book 13 by tooonce72

It’s Cork O’Conner!!!!!!

I wait in anticipation for William Kent Krueger to take Cork O’Conner on another journey in Tamarack Country. Obviously, I finished this in a few days. In this venture all the pieces are there for Cork to take his stand against evil in the defense of good. Henry (my personal favorite).., subzero temperatures.., the O’Conner family… the Ojibwe culture …. are all there again and I admit I just love it all. I could listen to David Chandler read the phone book.

BUT, I was a bit disappointed in this book. Again WWK choses to rehash a previous crime? If I am not mistaken, didn’t he do that in book twelve? Forgive me for complaining but, how many times are you going to purchase another greatest hits album…especially when a band member or two are missing?

While I am complaining…What great man sacrifices his family once again? In this chapter, Cork is putting the next generation in harm’s way. Seriously, after killing off spouses and lovers, putting offspring repeatedly at risk, WWK is including the infant grandchildren in his baggage? I think Cork O’Conner just crossed to below belt.

I will not be pre ordering my next in the series without a careful look at the summary.

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