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Terminus – Threshold Universe, Audiobook Online By: Peter Clines

Murdoch’s past finally came to him. His ex-girlfriend. His family. He’d happily avoided them for years, trying to live something close to a normal life. But now he’s drawn back into one of their other ludicrous attempts to bring an end to things.

Chase has spent the past year just escaping. Trying to escape the memories that kept following him, the moment his life fell apart. He’s traveled the world trying to get through it all, but those last moments may eventually catch up to him.

Anne is tired of living in the past. She finally looks to the future and embraces her destiny. She will lead the Family forward in their greatest, final crusade to destroy their arch-nemesis’ hated Machine.

Their paths will intersect in a distant place, on an uncharted island where the walls of reality are fragile… and an apocalyptic threat is ripping its way.

I don’t think anything will make it to the top 14, but this is a very close second!
Clines has started his ‘Threshold’ series so strong, I’m worried he’ll never get back to his old self. Terminus allays that concern as it continues with the storyline developed in 14 and takes it deeper into the yawning void! If you are as disappointed in Dead Moon as I am, this will come to you like a breath of fresh air.

It follows the same theme and story as the previous one, so if you didn’t like 14 or the first screen, you won’t like this one either. That said, I did enjoy them. As before, it has a few twists and turns and it gradually builds as the story progresses very interesting.

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