The Alignment Problem – Audiobook By Brian Christian

The Alignment Problem is a computer and technology, computer science book authored by poet, philosopher, and programmer Brian Christian. This book has been dubbed the artificial intelligence book that we need in our lives right now. AI is influencing many decisions of our life. What news we consume, whether we get a mortgage or whether our friends wish us a happy birthday is decided by AI these days. When the systems we made don’t do what we expect them to do, problems will emerge. If you want to follow similar books, check out Algorithms to Live By. If you’re interested in the author, consider The Most Human Human.

Brian Christian has a clear and sharp voice that is perfect for the narration of such a book. Thus, we are lucky to listen to this audiobook in his wonderful voice.

Today’s machines are so good at making decisions; we have given them our tasks and to make decisions on our behalf. They see for us and hear for us. One day we will discover that our machines have developed gender biases as they cull our résumés for us. One day, they will be assessing black and white defendants differently. Since they are actively replacing humans on our streets and our homes, we have to understand not only them but also ourselves better to make our future better.

This book serves as an excellent overview of the machine learning field. It tells us the history and the problems we might face as it is applied to the real world. We must understand what technology can and cannot do for us. However, if we don’t understand our own goals, how can we demand the same from our machines?

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