The Art Of Showing Up How To Be There For Yourself And Your People – Audiobook Online

The Art Of Showing Up – How To Be There For Yourself And Your People, Audiobook Online By: Rachel Wilkerson Miller

When it comes to adult friendships, we fall short: We barely deliver on our own commitments, let alone maintain our relationships.

Furthermore, we live in an uncharted social landscape with new conventions of how to relate – one where phone calls are really spent with Mom (if anyone is), the “visiting” was the unheard of and “missing” was routine.

The Art of Show Up provides a pathway through this mess to achieve real connection with friends, family, and yourself. Author Rachel Wilkerson Miller teaches that “showing up” means connecting with others in a way that makes them feel cared for and supported. And that starts with expressing yourself: recognizing your needs, understanding your physical and mental health, and practicing compassion. Only then can you better support others; witness their joys, their pain and their true self; confirm their experience; and help ease their burden.

When it comes to “showing up” to others, what matters most is not the grandest gesture – but how close you come to meeting your loved ones where they really are.

Thanks Rachel. Now that I’ve heard the whole book, I’ll come back slowly while journaling. As a 53-year-old, life is always fun for everyone. I wish I heard this when I was much younger. It will truly change lives! I highly recommend this book for anyone, regardless of age, gender.

I have read the entire book. Practical advice on how to appear to yourself and friends. I would recommend to anyone who needs to learn how to overcome difficulties in friendship. “The Art of Expression” by Rachel Wilkerson Miller is a lovely resource for anyone looking to add a little more grace and kindness to the world.


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