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The Burning Issue of the Day is the fifth book in the A Lady Hardcastle Mystery series by renowned author T E Kinsey. A journalist was killed in a suspicious fire. Everything points to a group of people suffering, but the perpetrator insists that she is innocent. Retired spy turned killer, is a letter to ask Lady Hardcastle’s help to find out the truth about this case. We invite you to follow this wonderful story.

Here are the top 3 reviews and comments that readers love about this fascinating book.

Review 1: The Burning Issue of the Day audiobook by Simon. Kindall

Brilliant book

I have loved this series the characters are just lovely Lady Hardcastle and Flo are two the most adorable people you would ever want to meet they are witty with many laugh out loud moments, in fact I think I could easily fall in love with Flo as long as I didn’t annoy her 😉
I have read some comments about how believable it is having these two ladies sleuthing and the police allowing it well millions like Miss Marple and these two are no different just a lot more amusing.
As for the narration well Elizabeth is first class and she makes Flo come to life and she is very good with the other characters too including the men parts. I really can’t wait until the next book is written.

Review 2: The Burning Issue of the Day audiobook by Levi


The Lady Hardcastle Mysteries have become my absolute favorite! The Narration is perfect and the characters and storylines are just wonderful. T E Kinsey has such a talent for creating characters that are so believable, likable and witty, I often find myself forgetting they are in fact fictional. Please keep the books coming, I wait with excitement for the next installment!

Review 3: The Burning Issue of the Day audiobook by LinnyJ

Utterly marvelous!!

I have not enjoyed an audio book this much in years. The reader is extraordinary. She brought Lady Hardcastle and her tiny servant, Flo, to vivid life with perfect voices for each of them. All the other characters we have grown to love had wonderful characterizations too. I have never heard anyone else do so many voices and accents. I am going to get all the others even though I have already read them. Miss Knowlton makes them come alive.

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