The Cutting Season

 Attica Locke’s writing is quite interesting in the way she projects the real state of issues associated with black people. She puts that very beautifully in her fictional writing. The Cutting Season is also a similar novel of African American type that you will love to the core. Her other good novels include Heaven, My Home, and Bluebird, Bluebird novels.

Quincy Tyler Bernstine did the narration of this novel. The narrator was good to produce a different voice for different characters. It was easy for the listener to differentiate between characters.

The novel tells a story about two distinct murders that are separated by more than a century.

Caren Gray manages Belle Vie where the present and past coexist but not that easy. The owner of the estate has converted the place into some exotic tourist attraction. It was complete with carefully refurbished slave quarters and full-dress re-enactments. Outside the gated vicinity, a corporation was busy with some serious plans to snap up the land from the families.

The people were earning their livelihood by growing sugar cane for many generations. They are now replacing the employees on the farm with several other illegal laborers. Tension increased all of a sudden when the dead body of a female migrant employee is discovered. The dead body was found in a shallow grave which was right next to the edge of the property. The throat of the lady was cut.

Quite a few followers of this novel found it to be a little complicated. But, once you are through the initial part of the novel, then it will capture your attention right till the end. It is worth investing your time in.

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