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The Daily Stoic offers daily Stoic insights and exercises including complete translations from the Emperor Marcus Aurelius, the playwright Seneca. Follow these teachings and you will find the serenity, self-knowledge, and resilience you need to live well.

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Old people only those who make time for philosophy
Only they truly live
Not satisfied to merely keep good watch over their own day
Every age to their own
All the Harvest of the
Has added to their store
Only an ingrate
Would fail to see that these great architects of venerable thoughts
Woodbourne forest
And I’ve designed a way of life
The private Diaries of one of Rome’s greatest emperor
The personal letters of one of Rome’s best
Pictures of a former slave and exile
Turned influential
Against All Odds
And the passing of some two millennia
These incredible documents
What do they say
Ancient and obscure Pages really contain anything relevant to Modern Life
The answer it turns out is yes
They contain some of the greatest wisdom in the history of the world
Together these documents constitute the Bedrock of what is known as
An ancient philosophy that was once
One of the most
Popular Civic disciplines in the West
Practice by the rich and the impoverished the powerful and the struggling alike in the pursuit of the good
But over the centuries
Knowledge of this way of thinking
Slowly faded from View
Except to the most
Stoicism is either unknown or
Indeed it would be hard to find a word Delta greater Injustice
Deaths at the hands of the English language
The average person this vibrant action-oriented in
Paradigm-shifting way of living
Has become shorthand for emotionless
Given the fact that the mere mention of
Stoic philosophy on the surface
Sounds like the last thing anyone would want to learn
Let alone urgently need in the course of daily life
What a Sad fate for a philosophy that even one of its
Occasional critics
Arthur schopenhauer
What described as
The highest point to which man can attain by the mere use of his faculty of reason
Our goal with this book
Is to restore stoicism to its rightful place
Cool in the pursuit of self-mastery
And wisdom
Something one uses to live a great life
Rather than some esoteric field of academic inquiry
Certainly many of History’s great minds not only understood
They started out
George Washington
Walt Whitman
Frederick the Great
Eugenie delacroix
Adam Smith
Immanuel Kant
Thomas Jefferson
Matthew Arnold
Ambrose Bierce
Theodore Roosevelt
William Alexander Percy
Ralph Waldo
Eat read
Quoted or admire the stoic
The ancients
The names you encounter in this book
Marcus Aurelius Epictetus
Belong to respectively a Roman Emperor of former slave who triumphed
To become an influential lecturer and friend of the emperor hate
And a famous playwright and political advisor
There were still wakes like Cato the younger
Who was in admired politician
Zeno was a prosperous merch
Has several stoic
What’s a former box
And worked as a water carrier to put himself through school


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