The Eye of the World (Full Audiobook) Book One of The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan

Kate Reading and Michael Kramer join forces for the narration of another masterpiece by Robert Jordan. “Wheel of Time” series has no doubt been one of Jordan’s famous works. The whole climate of the novels is just awesome, especially the weather conditions are always severe adding to the intensity. The series is base on ages as one age vanishes and the new takes its place leaving dim traces of the previous one. 

The legends are born and then they disappear into nothingness, all of a sudden we see the rebirth or the revival of the age as well when we totally have forgotten about the myths of that age as well. This part starts with the age of prophecy something that could be seen in New Spring as well in which the prophecy about a child comes true at the climax.

 The war is still upon the people which not a new thing as it has been one of the basic components of the tale, the war between the Two Rivers and Trollocs give rise to a catastrophe that becomes a death sentence for both. The evil forces are awakened once again as creatures who are half men and half beasts come to the land to get what they once lost. 

Five villages from the underworld reach the surface through the passage that was created as a result of Trollocs attacks and now is the moment to pay for it. The novel has horrible killing and slaughtering scenes and no sign of romance can be found at any stage. It’s just the shadows that we see covering the land in their gloominess.  

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