The Fires of Heaven (Full Audiobook) Book Five of The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan

The supernatural phenomena of Robert Jordan’s world enhance in magnitude as we start listening to the fifth part of the “Wheel of Time” in the familiar voice of Kate Reading and Michael.

The world of legends and myths surely engulf us as we become familiar with one character after the other. The novel takes us to the city of Rhuidean, a city that is forbidden for mankind. But the Dragon reborn conceals something that he thinks is better to keep buried from the rest of the world. Different stories mingle with the main one as a lot of planning are done in the White Tower along with Forsaken’s meeting with his old allies and friend in order to fight against the dragon with their combined might.

The chapter is also garnished by certain love scenes as well that were not there in the previous parts like New Spring and The Eye of the World. We meet Morgase who is deeply attached to Lord Gabriel and the Dragon Reborn also shows some signs of interest in life and love that is fading for him day after day as he becomes surrounded by the enemies.

The Dark One to rises in its full power as he thinks that this is the right time to attack the enemy with full might. The revelation of the secrets one after the other and the scenes of the battlefield are the distinguishing features of the novel. The part also channelizes the beginning of the war as well, a war that could end all legends within no time along with the human race and its whole history.

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