The First Lady – Full Audiobook By James Patterson

The novel is a race against time to save the first lady of the United States and not only this it is about the honor of the presidential house as well. James Patterson and Brendan DuBois have selected quite a bold topic because not only the writers talk about the disappearance of the first lady but they also mention president’s affair as well.

Sally Grissom has been in the presidential protection squad for quite a while and that’s why she was the one who was leading the team now. She has been active, efficient and alert in all possible ways but still when she receives the orders to meet the president and the chief alone in the office she knows that something has gone wrong. The news however she hears sounds like a nightmare for her when she hears about the abduction of the first lady who left on her own will and was staying in a farm house but now there was mysterious message along with her finger.

The news if leaked could bring havoc in the whole country that’s why the chief of the army and the president wants to keep it a secret. Sally must keep everything a secret during the investigation, thus she is on her own and without resources with a mission she is not allowed to fail. Better than Criss Cross and The 19th Christmas the novel is a standalone category narrated in the sensational voice of Karissa Vacker. The story never lets you rest even for a single scene as the situation become tougher at each step and one has to hold his breath for the fate of the first lady.

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