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In “The Flying Horse” by Storynory, a king who dreams of flying on a horse offers a reward to anyone who can make it happen. A farmer’s daughter named Bella tries her best and manages to fly on a horse with magical wings. The king is thrilled and wants to make Bella his queen, but she chooses to return to her simple life and marry the man she loves instead. The story teaches the value of staying true to oneself and prioritizing love over material rewards.

Centuries ago, at a time when science was still mixed with magic, Shah Sabur was the Lord and Master of Persia. This wise ruler was delighted with all the new and ingenious inventions of the time.

On a festive day, three men skillful, skilled and cunning in the art of invention, came to his court. Are they magicians or scientists? It’s hard to say my Lord, because they worked in secret. What I can tell you is that they are from three countries India, Greece and Persia. The king’s throne was established in the gardens in front of the palace. The whole court gathered to watch. First step out to India. He knelt down and kissed the ground at the king’s feet. A slave has revealed his work – a golden statue of a soldier blowing a trumpet.

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