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In the fable The Fox and the Crow, a crow is perched in a tree holding a piece of cheese in her beak. A hungry fox comes along and flatters the crow, saying she must have a beautiful voice. The crow, eager to prove her worth, opens her beak and caws. The cheese falls to the ground and the fox takes it, leaving the crow with nothing. The moral of the story is to beware of flattery from those who are only seeking to take advantage of you.

The Fox And The Crow – Audiobook Online By: Storynory

I bet you can’t guess what my favorite food is? Yes, I know that you would say that foxes like to eat hens best, and those that steal are there. I’m not afraid to admit that sometimes I would never say no to a greasy chicken wing.

But not many people know that what foxes value more than chicken, is a delicious piece of cheese that is only available from time to time.

Well, today I ate a slice of wonderfully rich and creamy cheddar for my breakfast. It was gifted to me by a beautiful black-feathered bird whose voice is even more amazing than it looks. No, I don’t mean larks or birds of paradise. I’m talking about Miss Crow, up in that tree.

It was a beautiful morning, and I was following my keen nose through the woods in search of something to eat, when I smelled a faint scent of cheese in the wind. I looked up at the tree and there, on the branch, I saw Miss Crow, looking extremely pleased with herself, for in her beak was a large piece of cheese. It was certainly stolen from the farmer on the hill, but I’m not one to go around accusing people of this and that.

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