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In the fable The Fox and the Wolf, a wolf accuses a fox of being a flatterer and sly. The fox responds that he could not be sly because he was not fierce like the wolf. The wolf challenges the fox to prove himself by stealing a farmer’s chickens. The fox succeeds by using his wit and charm to distract the farmer’s dog with flattery. When the wolf tries to steal the chickens himself, he fails because he relies on force rather than cleverness. The moral of the story is that intelligence can be more powerful than brute force.

The Fox And The Wolf – Audiobook Online By: Storynory

Praise Allah, Scheherazade was married to Sultan Sharyar. He told her: “My eloquent Queen, I love stories about animals, although they live apart from us, their friendships and struggles are like ours in many ways.  There is so much wisdom to be gained from the stories of their world.”

And Scheherazade replied: “O Great One, you are right in saying that we can learn a lot from the animal kingdom. And such a story came to my mind. It is a story of betrayal and trust. It’s the story of the Wolf and the Fox.”

And the King rested his head in his arms, stretched out on the couch to listen to her story.

The Wolf and the Fox have much in common as brothers. Both love to steal and hunt, but given the choice, they will always prefer to steal. These two powerful bandits of the animal world live together in a lair. But the Wolf is much bigger and stronger than the Fox, and he thinks he’s better in the pair. The fox, though smaller, knows that he is much smarter than the wolf, and he resentes the way wolf always acts as if he is the big boss.

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