The Great Hunt (Full Audiobook) Book Two of The Wheel Of Time by Robert Jordan

Whenever the Wheel of Time moves a certain age, era or race is reawakened and with it comes destruction for the current human race. This time it’s the age of the great hunters that come to the scene. People have heard about the legends and myths of great hunters and the hunt of the horn but never did they think of seeing those legends for real. The hunters are awoken by the legendary horn of Valere, a horn that was supposed to be a legend of the past. 

That has been the trend of Robert Jordan’s work, he picks something from the past a folk tale or supernatural force and then paints it into a real thing in coordination with the present scenario. Another interesting thing about the novel is that each hero has a story of his own and is attached to a certain legend that was thought to be a myth in the current era. 

Now the myths become reality and it does not prove to be a good reality for the people of the century as they are slaughtered like hell. We have never seen such a mixture of tales in a novel before, not even in this series as we go through The Eye of the World and The Great Hunt and other books like that. The narration is well equipped once again by the two marvelous voices of Kate Reading and Michael Kramer. 

Both of these narrators have contributed a lot in the series. Their voices have now become a permanent part of the whole series and one cannot imagine any part without their voices involved.  

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